What Makes a Circus Fan?

Are YOU a circus fan?

Circus fanning has many components and fans use them in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • Meeting with other folks who enjoy circus and share a meal
  • Meeting circus folks: owners, performers, roustabouts
  • Bringing watermelons for the elephants
  • Learn the 240 years of American circus history, or at least 1 year? 
  • Helping a performer with a ride to the market
  • Finding timothy for hungry elephants from a local farmer
  • Talking with performers on the circus floor
  • Putting a trip together to see a circus 100 miles away
  • Learn to make floss (cotton candy)
  • Know where the shows are, who is coming next and where
  • Attend conventions with other fans and circus people
  • Learn about the international circus shows, how they differ
  • Attend a fan’s circus performance in his own backyard
  • See a big top go up and understand what a quarter pole is
  • Learn the circus language, you towner, you
  • Identify the many circus acts and how they are done
  • Read the best circus magazine in the world 6 times a year
  • Find out where the circus winter quarters are and how to see them
  • Experience the many circus websites, blogs, links 
  • Meet circus stars at shows and talk about their lives and adventures like Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs (center ring clowns Steve and Ryan).
  • Help side show master Ward Hall bring in the groceries before getting a tour of his show World on Wonders, seen here at the Ohio State Fair.
  • Attend yearly conventions and bid on world class circus memorabilia, attend circus seminars, see shows and make new friends.
  • Meet John Ringling North II on the backlot at Kelly Miller. Sit with him for the show. Talk about 1956 when his family went out from under canvas.
  • Attend the Peru IN circus parade often including CFA members.
  • Help with setup as Katie Harmke raises the cannon.
  • Learn about circus groups like the circus model builders, historians and windjammers
  • Visit a circus backyard (where the performers live)
  • Join a tent (local circus group) or top (state) for even more circus
  • Learn how to help circus animals and trainers fight animal wrongists
  • Know what it means when the circus band plays “The Stars and Stripes Forever”
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