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cfa_saleOur Membership Task Force has been hard at work, addressing and taking action toward attracting new members into the CFA.  Excerpted from the Holiday White Tops …

(Step 1:)
” … a concentrated, long term campaign to re-attract members who have not renewed their memberships.  Towards that goal, Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Deptula has prepared the names, addresses and (where possible) the email addresses of every former CFA member for the last several years.  We will be mailing everyone of these folks this holiday issue of White Tops with a special offer to rejoin us. If they will join up again, we will also send them the next two issues of White Tops for free. They will be full members through May 1, 2018 with full membership privileges including our magazine.

And the charge will be $45.00.

After the magazine mailing, we will clean-up the mailing list and attempt to re-establish contact with those who elect not to rejoin at this time. The efforts will continue for the next year. Marketing works best when it is continuous and often.

In addition, we will work with our tents and tops people to put them in contact with these folks.

Second step
We want to include our current membership in the recruiting and also the benefits being extended to new members. So here’s the deal:

1. For every returning member that a current member signs-up, the current member will receive their 2017 dues for half off.
2. For signing-up two either new or returning members, a current member will receive their 2017 membership at no cost.

For the rest of the story … see the 2016 Holiday issue of the White Tops.



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