Walter L. Main Circus Train Wreck of 1893 Memorial Service

Press Release

On May 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM there will be a Memorial Service for the five people who lost their lives in the Walter L. Main Circus Train Wreck of 1893.  The service will be held at the wreck site in Vail, four miles north of Tyrone, on Vanscoyoc Hollow Road, near the Tyrone Sportsmen’s Club.

The monument was dedicated in May of 1975.  This year will be the 123st anniversary of the wreck, which occurred on May 30, 1893.

The Tyrone Area Historical Society & Adam Forepaugh-Barry Lubin “Grandma” Tent no. 2 of the Circus Fans of America will be working jointly for this service.

The program will consist of a welcome to all present, introductions of special guests.  The Masonic Lodge, Elks Lodge #212, Tyrone Sportsmen’s Club, Snyder Township Officers and local dignitaries will be present.

A brief history of the wreck will be given with a display.

Rev. Norman Huff will perform the memorial service with his special tribute.

Again this year we will have clowns at our memorial, Skootchee, Patty Cake and Poppo will be traveling from Maryland to participate in the service.

A special project of a Circus Fans of America member was conducted this spring.  This CFA Fan donated money to have the much needed landscaping done by a professional and have it maintained for years to come.  Come see his gift to us ALL!

If you have any questions call 814-327-0857 or email



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