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cfa_saleOur Membership Task Force has been hard at work, addressing and taking action toward attracting new members into the CFA. 

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We who love the circus, bind ourselves together as a nonprofit organization to make an organized effort to create interest in the circus as an institution.

We believe in the circus as an important part of the performing arts and having great education values. We dedicate ourselves together in the hope of forming fast friendship s and to make an organized effort to assist all circuses. We further dedicate ourselves to preserve for future generations, this beloved institution known as the CIRCUS.

As a member of CFA, you will receive six issues a year of our magazine, The White Tops. In addition to organizational information, The White Tops contains columns about current circus acts, show locations, management shifts, marketing strategies, births and deaths. 


Photo by Paul Gutheil

Recent issues of The White Tops have detailed the glory days of the Ringling show when it traveled on giant trains in the late 1940s and ’50s: featured circus reviews, Tent/Top News, and convention information, profiled great animal trainers, and the varied entertainment of showmanship skills only the circus has to offer.

CFA members gather at an annual convention. This circus star-studded affair is always held in conjunction with a performing circus. Circus personnel attend our sessions, socialize and participate in seminars. We discuss circus skills, marketing. animal training and care, how to move a circus, how to feed a circus, and the art of collecting those glorious circus posters.

You can see, we are friendly folks, bound by an ever fascinating common interest – the most colorful, and exciting hobby in the world – The CIRCUS!


photo by Paul Gutheil


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